Author: eduardo

Eduardo Silva was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has being living in London for the past 15 years. With a background in psychology he is a IT developer and the co-founder of, a digital content social enterprise. His passion is digital story-telling and has created short films and documentaries to help people promote there ideas.

Adding a Magento payment method for back-end sales

Sadly there aren’t that many payment methods that allow transactions from the backend of Magento.  This is because in most cases this would require you to know the payment data of your client. But some time you want to create orders in the backend for the customers who would order by phone, come to the store to pick up the order and pay in cash.

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The Civilization Starter Kit

Marcin Jakubowski dreams of living off the grid. Over the past few years, he’s been working on a set of 50 machines he believes necessary to found and sustain an independent, modern community. He wants to “take everything that civilization has learned to date” and use it create a blueprint for a “Global Village Construction Set” that others can use to follow in his footsteps. His Factor e Farm has already developed and built a tractor, brick press, table saw, and bread oven, as well as many other machines. The farm hopes to have the complete set of 50 ready in 2015.

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