How Much Does It Cost to run a Website

Many clients are interested in knowing how much the maintenance costs of running a website. Free open source software has lowered the barrier of entry for new websites. Of course that will depend of many conditions,  from the speed and size to factor like traffic or other factors, However as a good starting point to know some of the running cost regarding online presence.

Hosting Services

Domain name:

is the url your “address” in internet (some websites can have a bunch of them instead of one ie,, etc.) usually the cost of this is payed every 2 years or more and should be around 20 £ per year per address. (if you got 3 would be around 60 £ )



is where the files are stored in a server that is 24/7 on, the cost of the server can vary a lot from a basic hosting to a mega site that storage millions of pictures or videos etc. cost can be from as little as 10 £ per month to several thousands



is the ongoing work that you need to keep the site updated and fresh with new articles and new features. The cost of this would be usually per features or monthly or per hour, is all about the work that you need to keep the site updated, running and back to life after a hacker attack for example. Some companies would offer a flat price, and other would have a pay as you go approach expect prices per hours starting from £ 40




If you are selling goods or services on your site, you may also want to set some money aside for advertising. There are many ways to advertise your site, such as in newspapers, magazines, forums, as well as over the web  the cost for ads in the traditional media varies from company to company. 


Content production:

Cost varies depending on the site, how much content you need, how often you would update, what the sources of content is and whether you use an agency or a freelancer. Hourly rates can vary from £10p/h to £50 p/h.


Marketing SEO:

If you pay for an SEO service, you’ll normally be charged between £99 – £500 a month. Whether or not that’s good value depends on several things. Depending on the keywords being targeted – the number of them and how competitive they are. The more keywords you target, and the less established, online, your business is than your competitors, the higher the investment required to achieve high rankings and to attract visitors to your site

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