How to setup a limited company in UK

There are lots of information on the web about how to setup your company from advisors  to gouvernamental websites.  The old bussiness link website become the uk it is trying to make things even simpler. 



We are part of the beta users for then new revenue website and looks much better of the current Revenue and Custom web site that it is very confusing the first time you look at it.  Thats one of the main reason we doing this post, just to clarify the process to set up your own company.

As I said in the intro we are not legal advicer and the information we are shearing is just the way we understand the things and can be wrong take it or leave it by your own risk.  If you think any part of it it is wrong, missleading or confuse help us to improuve it.


Define the type of business you want
First pice of advice don’t waste your time writing a bussiness plan.  I am not saying not to think about what do you want to trade but traditionaly business plans will take your energy away from you and won’t give you any strategical data you will finish imagining and faking numbers to fill forms full of non sense technisisms.  The idea about your business will change many times before your bussiness consolidate.

With the help of NetSpot Communication we sumarize the main things you need to have clear before you

1) What do you want to sell (service):

2) Target
-Who will get this services
– How do you imagine the profile of this customers. (age, gender, nationality, income)
– Who will work with you
– How it is the person who will buy your products or services

3) When do you want to start trading?

4) How do you want people to say about your project in 1 year time?
“This company is…” or “They are … ”




to be continue…
Decide the type of legal structure you need

Register your company


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