How to create a barcode to open music, video or site

Some days ago an artist friend from the yard where we work ask me to print a barcode to link to a song hosted in a server.

Why a barcode for an artist? Well he paint music but this is a matter for another story… here a link for his blog:



free barcode for your webpage


You can find lots of sites online to create the barcode with the link you need×200&cht=qr&chld=H%7C0


or even nicer with all the codes types for phones like sms, call, link etc:


but if you want to generate the image on the fly in your page you can use the google api to do it


create an image tag with the following link



And you will see something like this


more about the api:

another api that probably uses google not sure… but for 8 box looks nice:

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