How to setup up a PHP dev environment using Virtualbox, Vagrant, Phphet and Github in a windows client

If you have a decent PC probably the most convenient way to deploy a development environment is visualization.  Vagrant and phphet make it very very easy.

1- Install the latest version of Virtualbox

Virtualbox allow you to run virtualizations of different  operative systems in your windows environment.


2- Install the latest version of Vagrant

Vagrant will wrap virtualbox and give you the power to run Virtualbox from outside making the configuration process much easier.


3- Create a configuration from Puphpet

Puphpet is an online service that help you to create the vagrant configuration file with the server configuration of your choice.  

You will need to go through the multiple screens and select the server type, db, users, ssh etc. then download to your designed folder where you want to place your virtualizations.

At the end you will unzip the server in the windows folder you want to run the server.


4- Run the server through Vagrant.

  1. open a windows console and move to your server download.

  2. $ vagrant up

  3. now you can access the server via ssh

  4. $ vagrant ssh (you will need a bash terminal like git bash or similar)

  5. or you can open winSCP in sftp mode with putty using the address

  6. show in the console after you type vagrant ssh:

The credentials for normal default sftp user are:

vagrant – vagrant

The credentials for root are

root – no password

  1. to finish working with the server:
    $ vagrant destroy






About the author
Eduardo Silva was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has being living in London for the past 15 years. With a background in psychology he is a IT developer and the co-founder of, a digital content social enterprise. His passion is digital story-telling and has created short films and documentaries to help people promote there ideas.