Our Easy way to build websites

You need a redesign or create a new website

We develop websites which aim to inspire, reflect your brand image and improve your online business.

Open e-commerce have collected many skills through the years in website development which can be used to redesign an existing site or to bring a new idea to life on the Internet.

Agil methodology

Come to talk with our WEB GURU

Tell us your idea, and we help you to find a website name and specific objectives and design preferences.

Get our technical advice in how to to register your Domain Name and possible hosting plans for your site.

We offer guidance on the site layout, user interface, and functionality with different devices in mind.

As we deal with the navigation and site structure, you can now provide the images and text you'd like to use and collect all the logos and material that would help us to create a prototype.

The WEB GURU is coming to speak with you

As we create the prototype online and the accounts for you and your colaborators, you are ready to start to work on the content creation.

As you progress collecting text, pictures and documents for the site, and start to get familiar with the system, we are working from our side to bring the technology that would structure the site layouts and theme adaptation.

We show the proposed design prepared for your review. You approve or suggest changes and help us to finish the job.

experts implementing web development
website development guru in London

Now keep the flow going

We provide you with the theoretical and practical guides and you can easily start to administrate, create accounts, maintain them and work on the last changes.

As the site starts to look its best our work in the special features and aditional modules increases. We also start to test the different features and devices.

We build and publish it on the web. And we offer a post sale hosting or maintenance plan if you need one.

After all that work, it is time for the WEB Guru to meditate!