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Mariano Marey Mariano Marey Director & Developer
Mariano Marey Director & Project Developer Is one of the Founders of were he works as a developer, and has been involved in IT since the days of the tiny 8-bits computers.Full Profile
Eduardo German Silva Eduardo Silva Director & Developer
Eduardo Silva Director & Developer I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I being living in London for the past 15 years. I like tango and community gardening but I love code & cookingFull Profile
Manuela Rotstein Manuela Rotstein Digital Content & Marketing
Manuela Rotstein Digital Content & Marketing A dynamic digital leader, creating ground-breaking content that reaches wide audiences and develops new digital spacesFull Profile
Gideon Ben-Ami Gideon Ben-Ami Sales EMEA
Gideon Ben-Ami Sales EMEA Consultation, strategy development and project management are Gideon key strengths, and they are used to great effect throughout the business.Full Profile
Rocio Photographer
Rocio Photographer She provides professional photography services for clients. A laid-back approach to our sessions, directing shoots with firm hand!Full Profile
Simon Simon Developer
Simon Senior Developer Passionate and creative Flash Developer with strong Focus on AS3 with OOP Paradigms. Experience in developing AIR application, Flash media Server. Attention to Design details and creative programming.Full Profile
Lucia Caleta Lucia Caleta Product Research
Lucia Caleta Product Research Lucia is experienced at strategic planning and integration of social-media connected web services in order to extend the reach of our client's campaigns.Full Profile
Marco Gomez Marco Gomez Frontend Developer
Marco Gomez Frontend Developer He works with clients to bring their design vision to life. Currently obsessed with Traveling, riding bikes Web style guides, responsive websites and mobile native apps.Full Profile